Price list


Large outdoor pergola CZK 2,000 / hour
Small outdoor pergola 1,000 CZK / hour
Training room by the large pergola for a maximum of 80 people 5,000 CZK / day
Lounge above the restaurant for a maximum of 30 people 4,500 CZK / day
Lounge in suite for approx. 10 people 4,500 CZK / day
Data projector 1,000 CZK / day
Computer (HP mini) 1,000 CZK / day
Presenter for PC (clicker incl. laser pointer) 150 CZK / day
Projection screen 300 CZK / day
Flipchart including papers and markers 350 CZK / day
Technique for sounding rooms - small speaker 500 CZK / day
Room sound technology - large speaker 1,000 CZK / day
Wireless microphones (pair) 500 CZK / day
Light show + fog for disco 1,000 CZK / day
Heater – propane butane heating (10kg PB bomb) 750 CZK / piece
Rental of premises for team building CZK 2,000 / hour
Parking in the reserved parking area in the upper part of the complex for free
Car parking directly in the resort area, upon express request and exclusively for a fee
(only disabled persons with a valid registration on the car have an exception)
500 CZK / day

The prices are listed including the applicable VAT.