Part of the area is a nine-hole disc golf course, designed for lovers of nature and outdoor activities. Discgolf is a recreational sport and can be played by anyone. It combines a stay in nature with physical and mental activity, and thus helps to maintain good physical condition and relax from everyday worries.

Discgolf is played with flying saucers, with a frisbee. You do not need any other equipment besides the disk. The sport originated in the 70's in the USA and is gaining new fans all over the world. The goal of the game is, like in golf, to complete a hole, in disc golf it is a basket with as few throws as possible. As part of a full service, we rent equipment.

Our disc golf course is private, the game must be booked. We do not allow access to the playground in case of renting the area to another client and the game is always for a fee.
Prices for the game incl. disk rentals are listed in price list of sports grounds and sports equipment rental »